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By 'eck lad, winter's 'ere .....
I knew something was brewing in the weather, four consecutive mornings of frost is a rare thing down here in the deep, soft south.  Sure enough, we've had a flurry of actual snow this afternoon with more to come perhaps.  Not that I'm too bothered by the cold, apart from sluggish circulation in my hands I seem well enough adapted to winter.  I try to ride every day except Sunday, not on religious grounds but because it's the most convenient day off for the family.  

But the wet - that's a different thing.  Oh, I've got all the gear and can keep most of my own scraggy frame dry; it's the bike that bothers me.  My every-day machine, the Ribble, is a thing of beauty to my eye, built by my own hand from well chosen bits, and I hate seeing it filthy and neglected.  My lady sometimes sees me return from a ride, hears the garage door creak open and knows she will have a ten-minute wait before I appear in the back door.  I'm busy with a damp rag, you see, wiping off most of the worst and making the decals visible again.  Sometimes I'm applying yet more chain wax, sometimes on top of yesterday's.  She thinks I'm obsessed but I tell her the day I move the bikes into the spare room, that's the day she needs to worry.
Yeah, we had a flurry one day last week, and also a thin layer overnight. Just a bit cold today (-2 at 09:30). I haven't ridden on the road since September but bought a smart trainer and do 3 Rouvy sessions a week. Getting fitter!

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