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JIS screwdrivers
Not sure what you really need for Christmas?  I'll sort that problem for you; you need a set of JIS screwdrivers, oh yes you do.

I've been playing with my newish motorbike, made in Japanland, and it slowly dawned on me that my normal Philips 'drivers were slipping badly in the screws and bolts.  The answer to my problem, courtesy of James May's YouTube channel, is to buy proper tools.  If your screw heads have a tiny dot stamped into them then you should use only Japanese Industry Standard 'drivers, which work uncannily well.

If, unlike me, you already knew this, don't be a smart-arse and spoil my latest good idea with your air of superiority.  I'd like to think I've had at least one decent thought in my long life.
So is that a different pattern to pozi and phillips?

[Image: JISPhilipspozi.jpg]

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