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Finders keepers ...
My completely infallible system proved to be a bit of a let-down JR, but it's the exception that proves the rule, isn't that what they say?
I have stuck the offending article on the garage wall where I can't help but see it every day and who knows, there is time yet for inspiration to strike.
Using a magnifier I found the inscription PTA 1117 on the inside. Could mean it was made in November 2017? Or not? Anyone know a manufacturing company with those initials?
Today's finds at the roadside are useful additions to my growing collection of careless people's clothes. A fine pair of work gloves, waterproof and in a subtle black, will be added to the dozen already in the garage. And the baseball cap looks brand new, if a trifle gaudy for my taste. If they survive a hot wash in Mr Lidl's harshest soap powder they will be welcome in my wardrobe.
I'm looking forward to the day when I completely stop spending money on clothes and rely instead on the unintentional generosity of fellow travellers. I shall spend much of the savings on drugs and rock & roll and waste what's left.
Be careful - work gloves means doing some work....
(10-22-2020, 04:28 PM)OETKB-YENTC Wrote: Be careful - work gloves means doing some work....

.... or, in my case, appearing ready to do some work?
Excitement at Mike Villas this morning as I spotted a shiny, blue metallic cylinder at the roadside.  Could it be a bike light, I wondered as I turned around to go back.  Or perhaps a mini-pump from one of the up-market manufacturers? At the very least it had to be a flashy CO2 canister holder? 
I fumbled in the long wet grass and picked up - wait for it - wait for it - a bloody inhaler, no doubt discarded by a littering asthmatic.  So for two reasons, my disappointment and their lack of environmental awareness, I hope they are currently short of breath.
It's a cruel life that builds you up only to push you over a cliff Smile
Stand aside, the last of the big spenders is here. Outside the paper shop this morning, as I fumbled my Covid mask off, my keen eye spotted the glint of silver near my bike tyre. Was I rich beyond my wildest dreams? Not exactly. It amounted to forty-something pence, probably scattered by someone too idle to pick it up. But it's my forty pence now and anything is always worth more than nothing.

Reminds me of an Edinburgh chap I once met who reckoned to pick up at least one specimen of paper money a week on his city's fair streets. All I can say is, the Scots must be more careless than my local lot, who keep a firm grasp of their cash.
You must be fitter than me, I don't bend over for less than a tenner Smile Smile
Strangest find of all time this morning, one to set the imagination working.  A 4-inch square of expensive black plastic lay at the side of the road, shiny and new and looking something like a folding phone.  With both discs firmly locked I skidded around and went back - to find a set of digital scales, the type often used by provisioners of hallucinatory substances.  Not that I'd know anything about that, of course.

Back in the garage I wiped off the dew to find it had new batteries in place and had survived its fall remarkably well.  My daughter showed some interest in it, rather too much interest if you ask me, but I don't part with my trophies easily and it sits now on my desk.  Any casual enquiries will be met with my assertion that I need it for my leisure activities.  That should send my reputation soaring in the OAP community that surrounds me.
Funny-ish story about scales. When I met my Mrs 20 yrs ago, she'd just been put on an insulin pump and needed to weigh her food. I thought I'd get her a set of small digital scales so did a google and there was a Tanita dealer in Stapleton Rd (Bristol). It's not the most upmarket area, but off I went. The shop was full of stuff like hemp seeds, and the guy kept telling me 'these ones are accurate to within 1g'. He couldn't accept I wanted to weigh food, so having a weight limit of 100g was no good! He did finally sell me something suitable though.

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