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Winter riding.....
(04-13-2020, 01:48 PM)100%JR Wrote: Sorry to hear about your accident,bloody peds Angry 
I've noticed lots of peds and poor cyclists the last few weeks.Must be due to C-19?
Looks like "Winter" could be behind us now.I was actually out in short sleeves/bib shorts/finger-less gloves earlier this week Exclamation
Weather looking good for tomorrow so the Canyon is making it's 2020 debut.This should be it's last year as my Summer bike before the Lynskey takes over.
Of course the collision was all my fault, I mean I was wearing hi-viz and running day lights when the beggar just waltzed out straight in front of me. Thank goodness I bounced.
I'll get a couple of hours in at lunchtime tomorrow (on my Lynskey). With the weather forecast as it is it'll be long sleeves and bib-knicks.
I have had so many punishment passes since the lockdown I invested in a Cycliq Fly12 CE, see whether I can get a few prosecutions going.
I'm off the bike for a bit. Too many stories of boy racers on the quiet roads. People being pushed off (broken collarbone) and hit by cars who weren't expecting to see anything else out. Too dangerous Sad

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